3rd STPIA National Conference

Conference theme
Regional Innovation Development: Role of Government, University, Private Sector, and Society
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STPIA conference
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The 3rd National Conference of the STPIA - Iranian Association of Technology Parks and Innovation Organizations will be held on 8th - 9th November in Yazd, the historical city recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The conference theme will be "Regional Innovation Development; Role of Government, University, Private Sector, and Society" and some of the topics addressed will include:

  • Models of quadrilateral cooperation of government, private sector, university, and society
  • The function of governance elements in the development of regional innovation
  • Society, culture, and innovation; The role of non-governmental organizations, technology donors, and local industries
  • Technology companies, stock market, and capital market
  • Diversification of science and technology parks and their privatization
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    8-9 November
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