Stepping closer towards IASP Nairobi!

15 September 2023
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IASP 2023 host Technoport passing the IASP Wold Conference flag to next year's host, Konza Technopolis, and members of the IASP Board of Directors

In 2024 the IASP world conference will be heading to Nairobi, Kenya! Delegates will spend four days exploring the theme “Demographics, entrepreneurship and technology defining the frontiers of future economies”. This conference will aid to explore the challenges and opportunities offered by the constant evolution of global demographics, highlighting new models of value creation and shared growth through inclusive innovation. The Call for contributions, which will be released soon, will look at the role that STPs and AOIs can play in leading the way towards an effective collaboration across the world to ensure that there is a sufficient talent pool, innovation, and technology base to sustain the global economy.

Kenya is one of Africa’s fastest-growing market economies, and is regarded as the economic, commercial, financial and logistics hub of East Africa. An emerging digital ecosystem helps to accelerate that growth, and to strengthen the culture of innovation.

The setting and theme for this world conference is an excellent opportunity to design a knowledge-heavy, interesting, programme that will attract peers from around the world to take part in the knowledge sharing around talent, demographics, and their correlation. Hosted by Konza Technopolis, the event will be created with a strong support towards the local community and the country’s 2030 vision, which has been kept in mind since the preliminary stages of preparations.

IASP Nairobi will be taking place in the capital city, and the IASP team and the local host are already working hard to secure the best venues for both the main conference programme, as well as social and cultural activities that will allow delegates to be fully immersed in true Kenya innovation culture. 

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