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University Social Responsibility for transitioning to Post-COVID Era
2021_09_20_Thailand_STP Chiang Mai University
By Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University, Year 2021 Finalist, located in Thailand
Main users: Job seekers
Launch date: 
01 June 2020
A concept designed to support post-COVID economic recovery, while reinforcing Thailand's sustainable regional development.
What is the purpose of your solution
To strengthen the transition to the New Normal, and accelerate recovery and the transition to the post-COVID-19 era. To integrate the resources and strength within Chiang Mai University (CMU) and STeP to support people, communities, and society affected by COVID-19, expanding from regional to the national level. This project is expected to become a model for economic and social development to equip the new generation leaders to meet local demand, and encourage sustainable economic development of Thailand’s regions.
STeP applies the Quadruple Helix Model, transferring the University's innovation to communities. This includes the government as funder, facilitator and partner support, the private sector and the community where knowhow, technology, and innovation are utilized. The project supports those who are affected by COVID-19 by allocating both internal and external funding, and expands the support boundary to the national level. Each CMU department fully collaborates to support the target group, while STeP runs various platforms, a ‘Young Startups’ and ‘Local Startups’ program, and a ‘Work with STeP’ program.
What impact has your solution had
Target groups who have benefitted include 700 undergraduates, 1,000 unemployed graduates, 3,013 laid-off employees, and 1,570 farmers 5,100 individuals have acquired skills and knowledge, 5,500 have found employment/salary increase, and 210 communities have been developed. 227 new products have been created, 67 startups have been launched and 98 knowledge, research, and technology projects have been transferred to support the target group. The total economic impact is 1,533 million Baht.

Who are the main users
Final year undergraduates, unemployed graduates, laid-off employees/migrant workers, community/ Farmer and community enterprises.
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