InovaTec UFSM Parque Tecnológico

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Background information
The UFSM Innovation, Science and Technology Park (InovaTec) emerged from the identification of the need to invest in academic projects that boost production and research beyond the walls of academia, generating a large ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurial culture. Discussions about the project began at the end of the 90s and, after a period of negotiations and maturity of the proposal, in 2020 the project was approved by the Higher University Council (CONSU). The objective of the park is, essentially, to connect knowledge agents (Universities and research centers) to the productive sector, creating an ecosystem that favors the development of entrepreneurship, new technologies and innovative practices, through sustainable and efficient solutions that benefit society in its specific needs. InovaTec has main areas of activity in agro-bio technologies, food, agriculture and environment science and technologies. The park is currently in process of being implemented and in October this year launched its first call for associated companies (7 are currently in the process of being checked for association with the innovation environment). The first notice of resident companies is scheduled for 2024. The surface area of the park is of 10 acres and currently 2050 m2 is built. The park will have another building of 2207 m2 by the end of 2024.
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    InovaTec UFSM Parque Tecnológico
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    Santa Maria - RS, Brazil
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    Science Park
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