Persian Gulf Science and Technology Park

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Founded in 2004 by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and supported by the Ministry of Oil and the Bushehr Governorate, the Persian Gulf Science and Technology Park works to develop science and technology, commercialise knowledge and ensure the sustainable economic development of the Bushehr province.

Its main sectors are Information Technology, Communication and Electronics (ICET), Nanotech, Biotech, Oil, gas and petrochemicals, Shipbuilding and marine industries and the food industry, fisheries and aquaculture, agriculture and date palms. It is also active in Biological and marine technologies, marine biomedicine, and Health, Safety, Safety and Environment (HSSE).

It is home to the Persian Gulf Microalgae Technology Development Center, which focuses on research and development in the marine biotechnology industries and supporting knowledge-based companies in algae-related fields. It also runs gene bank of algae in the Persian Gulf as a basis for research to identify the economic potential of algae, and provides specialised lab services.

The park operates several growth centres, both on site and at satellite sites across Iran, including Genaveh, Borazjan, Khormoj and Kangan, and operates a Children and Adolescents Science Park providing laboratory and workshop space, science training courses in the fields of astrophysics, electronics, robotics and computing, and fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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    Persian Gulf Science and Technology Park
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    Bushehr, Iran
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    Electrical Power Science and Technology
    Micromachines and Nanotechnology
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    Science Park
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