Cleantech, IT and health at INCUBA

31 July 2019
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L-R: Luis Sanz, Mai Louise Agerskov, Ebba Lund and Arne Vesterdal at Navitas

IASP Director General Luis Sanz and COO Ebba Lund recently visited IASP member INCUBA at their new facilities in the Navitas building in Aarhus (Denmark), meeting with CEO Mai Louise Agerskov and Director Arne Vesterdal.

With three locations and nearly 200 companies, INCUBA is a key innovation player in the city and closely collaborates with Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital in creating and nurturing inspiring environments for entrepreneurs and scaleups.

Located in the city’s central harbour area, Navitas is especially attractive for companies in the fields of energy and cleantech, while INCUBA’s Katrinebjerg location specialises in IT. The third cluster, at the Skejby location, is focused around health, strategically positioned next to Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby, which is among Scandivavia’s largest, seeing 1 million patients every year.

“Having visited our member in Aarhus some years back it was interesting to see the impressive Navitas building which was still just on the drawing board last time we were here. It has given INCUBA a top location at the heart of the city which is also in line with latest trends throughout the world, where multiple locations or stronger presence in the urban landscape is part of today’s science park model,” said Luis Sanz when touring the facilities.

In addition to INCUBA’s main sectors, Mai Louise and Arne explained the details of their ownership and governance structure —INCUBA is mainly a privately-run park—as well as their mentorship programme, which has been running for some years, successfully helping startups to connect to the surrounding business community and benefit from valuable advice as their companies grow.

You can learn more about your Danish colleagues by visiting https://incuba.dk/en/.

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