Peers to Blockchain project concludes

15 July 2020
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The Blockchain best practice handbook launched by the project

The European project Peers to Blockchain (P2B), coordinated by the Technology Park of Andalusia, recently concluded its operations after a year of work to provide opportunities for international collaboration and to share professional Blockchain expertise at European and international level.

P2B is an EU initiative in collaboration with the University of Algarve (Portugal) and Technoport SA (Luxembourg) to provide SMEs with professional expertise in the field. The project grew from IASP’s Blockchain Subnetwork, also coordinated by the Technology Park of Andalusia, which brings together IASP members who are active in the blockchain sector.

Blockchain technology is a relatively new concept that could disrupt ordinary business practices. By providing companies the ability to access new alternative financing options, to offer secure data storing solutions, making processes more transparent, less risky and cheaper, it can streamline operations and reduce costs, while opening up new opportunities and markets.

Peers to Blockchain focused its activities on enhancing the innovation of SMEs by helping them to use blockchain, and to promoting the development of an effective European ecosystem of innovation support for SMEs with this technology.

With partners from Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain, and associate partners including universities, technology parks, development agencies, chambers of commerce from Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Palestine and Russia, the project studied pilot projects and good practices across their local innovation ecosystems.

Peers to Blockchain studied the definition of blockchain, its main objectives, uses and benefits for SMEs; and mapped real blockchain pilot projects. The project also proposed new methodologies to enhance SME innovation, transferring know-how from other countries to significantly promote blockchain technology at the local level. All of these findings and the most efficient solutions were shared in a blockchain best practice manual which is available at www.peers2blockchain.eu.

While Peers to Blockchain will officially conclude at the end of July 2020, the results will be contribute to future initiatives that the partners are preparing.

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