Technology transfer from Kazakhstan to Iran

29 August 2017
First image:
The KSTP team with the delegation from Kazakhstan

IASP member Khorasan Science and Technology Park (KSTP) recently hosted Professor Zharmenov, the head of the Kazakhstan National Center for Complex Processing of Mineral Raw Materials, accompanied by investors from Germany and Poland in the area of mining technologies.

Professor Zharmenov and Dr. Alamolhodaei, the president of KSTP, both underlined the importance of cooperation and investment in the mines of two countries, and called for closer collaboration. An Iran-Kazakhstan technology exchange centre has already been established for the exchange of new technologies between two countries, based in Almaty Techno Park.

During the visit, Professor Anvar, managing director of ICMD German Company announced that they would finance the establishment of a unique factory in Iran with the investment of 200 million dollars. The project of ferrosilicon production technology transfer from Kazakhstan to Iran has been the result of cooperation between the two countries that will be carried out by Khorasan Science and Technology Park and investors from Germany and Poland. Both sides also agreed to establish a research and development common centre in the area of mineral raw materials and metallurgy. 

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