Two new full members join the global IASP community in March

26 March 2024
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March 2024 new member map

This month two new members have joined IASP from Brazil and China.

Inovatec UFSM Parque Tecnológico (Brazil)

The UFSM Innovation, Science, and Technology Park (InovaTec) in Brazil, conceived in the late '90s and officially approved in 2020, aims to bridge academia with the productive sector. This initiative fosters an innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem by connecting universities and research centres with industry, emphasising sustainable solutions in agro-bio technologies, food, agriculture, and environmental sciences. Still being developed, InovaTec has launched its first call for associated companies, with plans for resident company applications in 2024. The park spans 10 acres, with 2,050 m2 already constructed and an additional 2,207 m2 building expected by year-end 2024.

Hangzhou Normal University National University Science Park (China)

Hangzhou Normal University's National University Science Park, situated on the Cang Qian new campus, represents a 400-million-yuan investment in fostering a blend of education, research, and production across 49 acres and 100,000 square meters of construction. This hub supports the transition of academic research to market, incubates high-tech enterprises, and cultivates innovative talents. Early residents include advanced research in remote sensing, organosilicon chemistry, biomedicine, and sustainability. Featuring a digital management system for its instruments, the park aids over 230 companies, having incubated over 500 tech firms, promoting vital industry-academia-research collaboration.

Join us in welcoming them all to the IASP community!

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