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Scientifica VC is an innovative Venture Capital that was designed to fully express the potential of the ideas of researchers and startups, providing facilities, equipment as well as pre-seed, seed and early stage fundings.

They invest in technologies offering solutions to social and environmental challenges, while impacting positively on markets and revolutionizing current industrial models. Their goal is to allow ideas turning into products, services and technologies.

The passage from the idea to the market is a long process which includes a series of intermediate stages involving different stakeholders, during which startups need advice and support. For this reason Scientifica, as an innovative Venture Capital, supports them throughout the tech transfer process at the infrastructure level, both through the Scientifica Lab - 1400 m² of spaces equipped with the latest generation equipment on advanced materials and advanced manufacturing - and thanks to the Lab Approved network, which guarantees capillary access to laboratories scattered throughout the national territory.

The Scientifica Lab is designed to provide scientists with the space and infrastructure necessary to transform disruptive projects into products or services to be launched on international markets. Located in L'Aquila, it is equipped with the latest generation of scientific instruments, and specific areas have been set up dedicated to chemistry, biochemistry, electronics and 3D printing. It is also recognised as a certified incubator.

Scientifica also runs AdVenture Program, a 12-month training course which aims to train future venture capital professionals already at university. This model reduces the gap between the academic world and business, and allows students of different disciplines to act as connectors between the world of startups and research projects and the fundraising and the venture capital sector.

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    Scientifica Venture Capital
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