Nordic-Baltic Dynamics 2017

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Building Resilience for a Stronger Tomorrow
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The renowned Baltic Dynamics Conference for science parks and other tech entrepreneurship promoters will take place for the 22nd time this year - after having gone through a makeover with a lot of new features to discover!

Formerly called the Baltic Dynamics Conference, the event is now called Nordic-Baltic Dynamics due to the widening of its scope to the whole Nordic region. Also, the event location has moved out of the Baltic States and this year we will meet in Stockholm! The Nordic-Baltic Dynamics Conference of 2017 is a major step in jointly developing and intensifying cooperation in the whole Baltic Sea region, including organising common innovation activities between the countries surrounding it.

This year's conference focuses on finding new ways to improve resilience

In ecology, resilience is the capacity of an ecosystem to respond to a disturbance by resisting damage and recovering quickly. Similarly, business resilience refers to the ability to recover from the negative impacts of external economic shocks.

When the impact of the world economy on the environment and people is in focus, the sharing economy and growing emergence of startups are disrupting traditional industries, and global sociopolitical stability cannot be taken for granted, higher resilience gives a valuable competitive edge to any stakeholder in the innovation ecosystem.

We are waiting for science and technology parks, innovation and research centers, entrepreneurship promoters, incubators and accelerators, policy makers and all other innovators to learn and contribute to the discussion about what they can do to become more resilient.

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    26-27 October 2017
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    The Brewery Conference Center
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