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Science parks, areas of innovation, innovation hubs, innovation districts and technology-based business incubators and similar projects under construction (not yet operational).
Annual fee:


Joining fee:


joining fee
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Summary of rights

  • Speak at the General Assembly
  • Upgrading to Full membership when reaching the operational stage
  • Discounts on conference registration fees, book purchases, etc
  • Accreditation (IASP certificate of Affiliate membership).


To be considered "under construction", a science park, area of innovation, innovation district or technology-based business incubator must meet one of the following requisites:

  1. Construction work has already begun, or
  2. A legal entity has been created to develop and manage the project

Operational science parks, areas of innovation, innovation districts and technology-based business incubators or similar projects do not qualify for this category, but only for Full membership.

(Please note that this Affiliate membership fee is a special reduction on the Full membership fee (1800€) in recognition of the current non-operational stage. This discount will be applicable for two years of membership. From 3 years onwards Affiliate members will be charged the Full fee).

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