Fourth-Generation Knowledge Districts 2024

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FGKD24 Workshop
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FGKD24 (Fourth Generation Knowledge Districts 2024) will be the first international conference of the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil) Center for Studies on Urbanization for Knowledge and Innovation.

Knowledge territories refer to a broader concept that builds on the triple-helix model by adding two new actors: society and the environment. The purpose of FGKD24 is to discuss this new, broader model of fourth generation knowledge districts.

The conference topics, all in the context of knowledge districts, include urban design and planning; sustainability and ecosystem; economic and social development; and placemaking.

The conference is being streamed online by UNICAMP TV. The main sessions will have Portuguese-English translation and Brazilian sign language translation.

  1. Date
    20-21 May
  2. City
    Campinas, SP
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