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34th IASP World Conference on Science Parks & Areas of Innovation

Open Innovation Concept and a Success Case Study Hack´nBreak

2016_08_01_IASP 2017 conference poster
Document type:
Conference Paper
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  1. Authors
    Murat Erten
  2. Co-authors
    Aykut Hocaoglu,
    Murat Girgin,
    Zehra Doruk ,
  3. Publisher
  4. Publication date
    September 2017
  5. Place of publication
    Istanbul. Turkey
  6. Number of pages
In August 2016 Hack’n Break was organized at Technopark Izmir, located at Izmir Institute of Technology campus. The event lasted for one week and involved hackathons, seminars, talks, and social activities. Nearly 1000 young enthusiasts and students from all over the country joined the activities and they have contributed to the success of the event. Companies sponsoring the event brought uptheir problems and solutions were proposed by the participants, some really contributed with creativeideas. Hack’n Break was completely consistent with the philosophy of Technopark Izmir, where webelieve in open innovation through which ideas are disseminated and may be transferred to useful applications by the companies from everywhere.In the remainder of this paper we shall summarize our understanding of open innovation and then givea more detailed description of Hack’n Break. We shall then attempt to show how Hack’n Break contributed to our residents.
  1. Conference name
    34th IASP World Conference on Science Parks & Areas of Innovation
  2. Conference theme
    Science Parks and Natural Innovation ecosystems: articulating future strategies
  3. Location
    Istanbul, Turkey
  4. Conference start date
    26 September 2017
  5. Conference end date
    29 September 2017

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